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mobius infographic 2016 recap

Happy New Year!


2016 had its ups and downs for all of us, but the turn of the new year gives us a chance to reflect on the past year and how it has changed us. At Möbius, we’ve changed a lot this year, and we’re eager for what is to come in 2017. But, before we continue into 2017 with our new projects and goals (we have a lot),  we wanted to reflect on the great year that we’ve had in our unique office space overlooking Market Street in downtown Wilmington, DE. We had our Graphic Designer, Mark, and Social Media intern, Krista, work together to create this awesome infographic, and we’re going to walk you through each of the elements of the graphic. Dig in.


  1. 2017 was REAL(TY). The largest industry that we worked in was realty. Our collaboration with Pettinaro, a residential and commercial real estate development and management company was a HUGE success. We combined their previous three websites into one sleek user-friendly site.


  2. SEO Success! Our impressive SEO, Heather, increased visibility for our clients’ websites by 78%. We’re not saying she’s super human, but we’re not not saying that she’s super human.


  3. Social Debate. We asked all of our employees if they prefer Facebook or Twitter, and the majority went with Facebook. (I’m calling for a recount.) As for our followers, they prefer Instagram over Facebook and Twitter.


  4. Pro-FRESH-ional Stats. We developed and launched 11 new websites, but we continue to maintain 48 sites across a ton of different industries. As for coloring, I’m sure you can tell that we’re orange-branded, and lucky for us, six of our clients used orange as their primary site color. Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?  


  5. Demographics. Our closest client is literally 80 steps from our office at the Grand Opera House, but we DO have to go down a half a flight of steps to meet up and talk with them. Bummer. Our furthest client isn’t QUITE in walking distance because they’re located in Key West, Florida. A Mai Tai sounds great right now thanks to this freezing weather, so maybe we should call a very important in-person meeting ASAP.


  6. Foodies. Not sure if we’re proud or ashamed to say that we ate at Chelsea Tavern 62 times in 2016, but we did. You can’t blame us though because it’s right across the street and has a variety of tasty dishes and a complete lunch under an hour.


  7. Interns. We had three interns who joined us in 2016, and we’re proud to say that we asked them to get us coffee a total of 0 times (unless they offered).


  8. More Coworker Debates. We asked each of our coworkers if they prefer Mac or PC→ Mac won. We also asked if they preferred sliders or no sliders→ we’re Team No Sliders, and lastly we asked if they liked Wordpress or Drupal→ Wordpress forever.

  9. Mid-day Music. We’re lucky enough to be situated right next to/ upstairs of the Grand Opera House in Wilmington. So, not only do we get to work in a historic building from 1871, but we also get to listen to some incredible artists soundcheck and some ballerinas upstairs. This year we heard 20 artists before the public got to, but we’re not bragging--well maybe a little. This is particularly exciting for us because over half of our coworkers are musicians (there’s a lot of pre-meeting finger drumming).


  10. “Let’s take this offline”. As for co-worker communication, we all prefer to talk face-to-face about projects (and the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones) instead of using our phone/intercom system. Our CEO, Sales Department, and SEO department get 50-40-30 emails per day, respectively. No wonder they want to get away from their desk for a little and chat.

This infographic is a true representation of Möbius and year we’ve had. It’s our TWENTIETH year in this industry and it feels like it just keeps getting better year after year. We surround ourselves with incredible and inspiring clients and coworkers, and that won’t be changing in the new year. 2017 has already started positively and we can’t wait to see how the rest of it goes. Maybe we’ll break our Chelsea Tavern record.

Here is our team celebrating the end of the year guessed it...Chelsea Tavern.

mobius christmas lunch 2016 recap