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Content Management Systems

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Content Management Systems or CMS, is a great way for clients to manage and update their own sites.   Mobius has worked on various projects and systems in the past that have limited clients to simple updates. As the design and programming of Content Management Systems have evolved, so has Mobius.  We’ve extended our programming of these systems to include custom solutions, WordPress, and Drupal based systems. These systems not only run basic websites but have also evolved to the management of Government sites, University communication operations, laboratory websites, and even iPad apps.  Several of these websites even operate on mobile platforms that were designed from the ground-up.  We make strides in designing, programming and operating your website exactly how you want it.

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Wilmington CMS Design

Mobile is the Future – But What is the Future of Mobile?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

So your phone knows where you are, where you’re going, and where you’ve been. What if it knew where you would like to be, and who you would like to go there with? What if it knew what you would find interesting when you got there?

If you are anything like me you carry your mobile phone with you everywhere you go- and I mean EVERYWHERE. So it’s no surprise to me why people won’t leave their phones more than 3 feet away from them at any point in the day. In a very short time they have come to play a crucial part in everyday personal and business life. They have become a main communication hub and entertainment portal for most people, and an identification badge or wallet for others. For some it is a diary, a photo album, a calendar, and it is very quickly becoming a primary source of all media consumption. As mobile use continues to grow so will the intelligence of these devices- they will become the gateway to real-time information tailored to your likes and needs, becoming more of a “connector” for all of your electronic devices.

The dividing line between smartphones and tablets is getting pretty blurry these days. There is more access to the internet on mobile devices and tablets than the PC, globally. I believe these will be the primary way of experiencing the internet in the next 5-10 years. This will also cause a dramatic change in the web design industry creating a need to design for mobile/tablets first and the desktop second.

So what is the future of mobile?

I can see sensors being placed everywhere. Everything will be recorded and stored in a personal/business “cloud”, in real-time. The idea of privacy will also change and our views of it will shift as well. It will be more acceptable for our “clouds” to know where we are and what we are doing. The line between a social network and “big brother” will grow ever blurrier and this will happen faster than expected. I also see an increase in mobile payment systems. (I understand the apprehension people have with linking their bank accounts with their phones but I believe that most non-tech savvy people will eventually come around to the convenience this technology offers.)

What else could your phone possibly do?

What if your phone became your car keys, your house key, your home security system, your TV remote, your baby monitor, your time clock for work, your thermostats? What if it could ready any other device in your home, car or office? What if your mobile phone was also your car dashboard?

So the future of mobile is of course unknown but one thing is for sure mobile is the future of the internet. As cool new apps are being developed and more people become open to the idea of a “very smart” phone, I predict mobile devices becoming an artificial intelligence capable of assisting in ALL of our everyday tasks. It will be more then just hand held devices, mobile devices will be a part of just about anything that moves and is connected to the network, anything with wheels, wings or legs. I also see it becoming less of a search tool and more of a suggestion device, so instead of you asking your phone “Where is the nearest book store?” Your phone will tell you “Hey, why not download the latest best seller here?” Your mobile device will learn who you are and what you’re interested in so it can make suggestions based on what it knows you like and not what you tell it.

Imagine this… you dock your phone into your car dashboard and it announces: “Hey, I see you’re in Wilmington Delaware, why not checkout Colin Hay at the Queen Theater tonight?” You can answer: “Yea that sounds fun, buy me two tickets and remind me when the doors open, give me a list of restaurants that have a tables open after the show, also turn my outside house lights on and text the babysitter … we will be home around midnight.”

So with apologies to Ray Bradbury and H.G. Wells, the future may well… look something like Knight Rider.

Hopefully, with less pleather.

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