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Keep your brand in the groove!

In honor of the 5th Annual Shine a Light on the Queen concert, we wanted to support concert-goers with a pretty rare offer for our website dev...

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Mobius New Media Website Marketing Discount
"Every year, someone [proclaims] the death of SEO, link building is dead, keywords are dead, there’s too much content, the sky is falling!"

That was a quote released this week on how SEO is a constantly evolving industry by Patrick Stox, a technical Search Engin...

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Did you know in addition to our interactive expertise the Mobius creative team is also well adept with exhibit and trade show design? As one of the original forms of social media and business networking – we feel it’s only natural for us to work on brand environments too!...

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MDavis Tradeshow Booth Design

We’re excited to announce that the new Rudy Marine website is shipshape and ready to leave the docks! With an entirely new content management system (CMS) and a modern redesign featuring an intuitive interface, para...

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Rudy Marine New Website As Viewed on a Desktop
Mobius New Media Launches ILC Dover’s New Website

For the past few weeks here at Mobius New Media, we’ve been in major “pre-launch mode” for ILC Dover’s newly revamped website d...

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ILC Dover Marketing Strategy and website development

Mobius Completes iPad App for Community Loudspeakers

Community Loudspeakers just returned from the Info...

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CODE Mobile App Design Shown on iPad

So what does your company CEO do in his or her free time?

You’re probably saying to yourself “I Can’t Explain”... or he's not in "My Generation..." Well, we’re psyched to say Mobius’ fearless leader...

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Live in Wilmington Delaware

Have you ever watched those seemingly futuristic sci-fi movies with all that cool-spy technology like recognizing faces in a crowd and automatically improving pictures of far away objects (Enhance...Enhance...Enhan...

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Display of ATCOM Imaging Site

Today we learned that our (average human's) attention span has shrunk to about 8 seconds, or in other words, our attention span is shorter than a goldfish

While we can all probably agr...

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Content Management Systems or CMS, is a great way for clients to manage and update their own sites.   Mobius has worked on various projects and systems in the past that have limited clients to simple updates. As the design and programming of Content Management Systems hav...

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Drupal vs wordpress


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