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Looking at the Before and After of Möbius Site Re-Designs


Creating new websites is never as easy as slapping on a new look, throwing up a hamburger menu, calling it a win, and repeating the process. Our designs are each themselves working projects that combine UX, SEO, Brand Presence, security, multiple meetings, client feedback, and a fresh, more-than-modern aesthetic. But let’s get down to the point: sometimes the drastic contrast of a Before and After can be the best part of the final presentation, and we wanted to share that visual satisfaction with you. Here we uncover some high-level thoughts that went into each of the four projects, and present that juicy payoff of Old vs. New.


HS Design

HS Design is a unique product development company based in New Jersey that focuses on improving the human experience in the medical, national security, and commercial/consumer industries. The branding and development teams of Möbius outlined a full website facelift that would totally revamp HSD's digital persona and enhance the user experience. Main focuses were on the UX of the site—to have the site reflect the bold, beautifully designed products that go on to win awards in their medical field. By enhancing the typography, implementing a more consistent color scheme, and adding more vibrant images, our team at Möbius felt a more consistent representation of HS Design was accomplished.

A more defined content hierarchy was assembled to show HSD's myriad services. The entire site is completely responsive.

Anyway, moving on.


Screenshot of Old HS Design Site


Newly Reduxed HS Design Site by Mobius New Media



Light Up The Queen

The Light Up The Queen Foundation is a local non-profit—headquartered in the historic Queen Theater on Market St—dedicated to the preservation of the theater and to providing Music and Arts Education to the young nearby community. Möbius gained the opportunity to spearhead a redesign sometime early last summer, after a particularly frustrating blog upload issue occurred on their old site. When a few team members sat down to troubleshoot the issue, the question of, “why can’t we just re-do the whole shebang for them?” arose, and the ideas started pouring out into storyboards. We were able to identify the main problems of the old site: it was a bit too archaic, it was near impossible to navigate, and the branding didn’t seem to ever grow to a consistent representation.

Möbius had the challenge of needing to display all of LUQ's event happenings on the homepage and also make it simple for users to find all of the relevant info as quickly as possible. In addition we wanted to make it simple for visitors to donate and support LUQ's great causes, which we did with a clear call to action (CTA) in the header. As a non-profit organization that relies solely on donations to support and hold their myriad programs, the donation CTA had to have an overarching, always-obvious path. We were able to clear out all the useless, duplicate content and create more of an experience of LUQ on their site rather than just a site to stick archived news. With giant illuminated pictures of the renovated theater, action images of the children dancing, singing, learning, and branded typography and logos, this is an “experience” that we are more than proud to have helped bring to life.


Original Light Up The Queen Website

New Light Up The Queen Foundation Site by Mobius New Media

Hagley Museum

Hagley Museum and Library, a Smithsonian affiliate, is a remarkable organization that features record-breaking collections of influential business and technology innovations from American history. The organization maintains the first du Pont family home, gardens, powder yards, and industrial buildings still frozen in time from the 19th century. A website for an institution like this had to carry larger than life images and information of the properties, educational and family-focused events, as well as the entire library of files. It was a massive undertaking that the original site couldn’t seem to handle. Essentially, the problematic issues with the old site came from having too many interesting events, happenings, and tools for users to find directly what they were looking for.

For this project we knew we had to majorly simplify the navigational structure and employ a consistency across the hundreds of pages and other subdomains for a seamless user experience. We also wanted to blend the structure with a bold branding so the site experience felt unique, but familiar. As Hagley Museum is also one of the major tourism attractions and adored as a local activity hub, we knew mobile users from near and far would only swell in traffic. We made the site responsive so users could enjoy from any device, anywhere. However, this project has even more to go! Currently our Art Director is working on replacing the main homepage images with high quality, interactive video.

Old Website of Hagley Museum
Hagley Museum and Library's New Site by Mobius New Media


Pettinaro is another of Delaware’s big names that has come to be immediately recognizable. A full-service commercial and residential real estate company, Pettinaro owns and operates properties in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Other than the challenge of beautifully representing both the commercial and residential online, showcasing the history of the company was a very important factor.

In order to separate the commercial experience from the residential, we kept the content-specific url of and set it up on their actual site, creating a hub that felt homey even from a digital perspective. The commercial approach is more industrial and resourceful, yet the branding stays the exact same. Initially, what we were working with was three separate Pettinaro websites, so we worked with them to bring all three under one roof (pun intended). Because everything is found in one responsive website now, maintaining a consistent brand image is much easier on all devices. We also developed a new modern search feature that makes it easy for user to find the desired service right from the homepage.



Old Website of Pettinaro





New Website for Pettinaro as Completed by Mobius New Media