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The Gift of Being the Boss, or How to Put out Fires

My name is Shannon, and I’m the Möbius Social Media intern here to learn just about anything in 15 minutes from my coworkers. We have dubbed this gift of gifting "The Twelve Days of Möjoy", and I am happy to re-gift these gems with you. Follow along from the beginning.

Let's Meet Matt

Name: Matt Urban

Middle Name: Joseph

Official Title: CEO

Unofficial Title: Chief Excitement Officer

First song you play on our office radio:  Some type of active listening music probably in the jam band rock or classic rock genre

Favorite website to binge: Facebook & CNN

Best Work Habit: Asking for opinions and feedback and really listening

Time at Möbius: Founded Möbius in 1996

15 Minute Lesson: How to be the boss


On the 11th day of Möjoy, I sat down with Matt Urban, the CEO of Möbius New Media, and he talked to me about what it takes to be in charge. I took a stab at it myself; notice that the title looks a different? Executive decision. Coming up big.

Now, before I start, I want to tell you something that I noticed right off the bat when I started here last month. I noticed that Matt wasn’t as intimidating as I expected him to be. Maybe I watch too much TV, but I assumed that the CEO of a company hid away in his office all day and was rarely seen.

However, on Day 1, when he was personally helping me with a computer issue, I realized that I was wrong. I mentioned my theory to Matt at the start of our conversation and he said that he has to be a much of a part of the team as any other person at the company. He can’t sit back and let the machine run because if he’s not doing what he’s supposed to be doing then the system will start to break down.

I admire his thinking, and I’m sure it comes with his many years of experience being the boss.

Matt founded Möbius 20 years ago, and he’s learned a lot in the process. At the start of the company, he focused strictly on the physical products and services that he could provide to bring in quick business. He figured good work meant designing the best websites, creating the most innovative videos, and keeping up with the best technology.

Of course, those aspects of the job come from talent and education and are important, but he learned that it doesn’t always matter what you’re selling that creates a sale. The rapport that Möbius has with our clients, and the services that we provide that help our clients’ relationships with their clients is what matters. The human-to-human connection—the people—are what matter.

This company has flourished for 20 years because the tech industry can have an enduring nature to it if you have a good roster of clients that you have proven successes with, and Möbius has that.  

Part of the reason that Möbius has such a diverse roster of successful projects is because Matt is extremely involved in all aspects of every project that comes through our door. He enjoys being on initial and follow-up calls with clients, presenting proposals at introductory meetings, and putting the time into relationships to make sure that they’re strong and everlasting. Our CEO appreciates the value that our services can give to another company, and he wants to be the one to tell them about it.

Some of Matt’s dedication to client involvement comes from Möbius being a relatively small company, but mostly Matt is so invested because he cares. He loves to help companies who have any kind of problem and be able to give them a solution to that problem with one of our services.  

Möbius is able to nurture relationships with clients because honestly, we have damn good people that work here (who I’ve been telling you about for the last 11 days). Choosing amazing employees to work at Möbius relates directly to our client relationships, and Matt takes that into account when hiring. Bringing great people on board, who he can rely on and who will help grow Möbius is an important priority to our CEO. I’m sure if Matt had 50 hours in a day then he would be involved in every detail of every project, but that’s not possible. Instead, he hires people who he feels comfortable delegating to. Matt has to know that his employees will be able to put out fires for clients the way that he would want to, no matter the size of the flame. He surrounds himself with people in the office who he knows will give clients what they need and provide service that goes above and beyond what other companies will do.

When I asked Matt what his favorite part of being the CEO of Möbius was, he said that it was the people who work here and the clients that he gets to work with everyday. He likes to be able to feel like he’s helped by bringing a great solution to someone who needs any solution.

After working here for about a month I think that pretty much sums up Möbius as a whole. Everyone’s number one priority is the client and the relationship that we have with them. The industry may change and certain aspects may become more or less important, but the people will always matter.




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