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Mojoy Gift of Testing

The Gift of Testing, or Why Would We Do Without Andy?

My name is Shannon, and I’m the Möbius Social Media intern here to learn just about anything in 15 minutes from my coworkers. We have dubbed this gift of gifting "The Twelve Days of Möjoy", and I am happy to re-gift these gems with you. Follow along from the beginning.

Let's Meet Andy

Name: Andrew Faver

Official Title: Administrative Manager

Unofficial Title: Master Juggler

What’s your middle name: Brett

First song you play on our office radio: Something progressive rock, probably RUSH

Best habit: This was left blank...

Favorite website to binge:

Time at Möbius: 8 months

15 Minute Lesson: Site and Project Testing

On the tenth day of Möjoy my Administrative Manager, Andy, gave me a 15 minute lesson on testing.  Andy works at the front desk of Möbius, and he takes care of various administrative tasks.   He manages the office, does the bookkeeping, and of course he’s the face that you’ll see if you come to visit us (and you should)! So, when Andy told me all of the duties that he had I was a little overwhelmed.  I didn’t think he could teach me everything he does in 15 minutes...maybe 15 days.  So, I chose two responsibilities that Andy takes on, testing websites we create and testing the quality of videos that we film, and asked him to expand on them.  


I found these two aspects of his job interesting because even though he’s not developing the sites or filming the videos, he has the eyes to make sure that there aren’t any errors with the content when the websites and videos (figuratively) walk out our door. 


I was interested in the website testing because Mike mentioned it as one of the phases in Day 9.  Testing the site is one of the most important tasks that must happen pre-launch, and there are many different things that Andy has to look for. He is the pair of fresh eyes that walks through the site, the way a customer would, for functionality and appearance.  He hasn’t seen much of the site before testing, so he notices things that could have gone overlooked.  Andy must read the content (usually given by the client) and checks it for typos, readability, and formatting.  Apart from the text, he checks the the images for loading time, resolution, and formatting.  Images can appear differently if you use a smaller screen, and we need to make sure that everything looks 100% on launch day.


Functionality-wise, Andy checks the site across different browsers.  Every site should work across any browser that customers may have.  He also tests to make sure all links work taking the to the customer to the right place, and he makes sure that the site path isn’t confusing to customers.  He also tests response time, and he makes sure that all features of the site work on mobile.  It’s vital that websites work and look great across desktops and mobile.  If Andy finds any issues he writes them down and sends them to the right person (usually Mike), and we make sure that everything is fixed!


The second thing I asked Andy to talk to me about is testing video footage.  Möbius gets to video a lot of the TEDx events in Wilmington which is really exciting and fun.  After the event is over, Andy edits the footage to make sure that everything looks and sounds the best it can.  He tests for sudden audio drop outs that could have happened from a microphone error.  He also looks out for shady camera shots.  If he does notice any rocky shots, then he checks other camera angles that could replace them.  Other visuals that he checks for are frozen videos or viewers blocking the camera. He basically looks for any technical glitches that can be edited post-filming. 


Being the Administrative Manager really calls for a Jack of all trades, or I guess an Andy of all trades.  He has to manage so many different aspects at Möbius, and he does it with a smile and usually a joke.  The input that Andy gives after testing sites and video is incredibly important to make sure that our projects go out to the client the exact way that they want them to.